CBD Grown and Processed in Western,


2017 marked the first year Industrial Hemp was legal to grow in New York, and that's when we started growing hemp for CBD purposes.   Over the years discovering how much CBD helps our customers has been an eye opener.  Much like the pride we feel providing homegrown produce, we feel good about helping folks with issues they have not been able to solve otherwise.  Many of our customers (and we agree, who wouldn't) want a plant based solution before a  prescription based chemical one.    NO Harsh chemicals, though we are not certified organic we only us items approved for organic by the USDA  (OMRI).  We partnered with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Pracitces a Federal Certification) Hemp Processor in Erie county and started  a small line of CBD products.  There are so many to choose from out there thanks for checking us out.   If you wish to purchase anything  head on back to the home page. We ship everything 2nd day US Mail. 

Please see below for the nutritional information/ ingredients of our products. 

All the Hemp for our CBD products is grown, in Erie County on our farm, and processed in Western, NY. 

1500mg Capsule Nutrition Info

2800mg Lotion Ingredients

1000mg Oral Spray Nutrition Info

To date 144 different cannabinoids have been discovered in the Hemp Plant.  A Full Spectrum Extract provides the benefits of each one, not just the very popular cannabidiol (CBD).  Vitamins, Minerals, and Aromatic Terpenes are all preserved in the Super Critical CO2 extraction process, we employ.   

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract helps one heal by promoting a Cannabinoid "Entourage Effect".  A "whole is greater than the Sum of its parts" approach to Cannabinoid medicine. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychoactive and reacts with cannabinoid receptors in our cells to provide a litany of medicinal benefits.  The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a group of cannabinoid receptors in the body tied intricately to our nervous, immune, and digestive systems.  Full Spectrum CBD is an excellent form of nourishment for our endocannabinoid system.

We can't make any medicinal claims for our CBD products.....

However, there is an emerging mountain of evidence showing the benefits of using CBD.  All the info I have compiled here can easily be verified with a quick Google Search.  Legislation easing means true scientific study can move forward.   At this stage you should talk to a doctor, then do your own research or better yet talk to a friend about their experiences with CBD.  I like to tell customers, what a neighbor a couple spots over from me at the Farmers Market (Phil  @ S&K Meats (excellent products check em' out)) told me.......   

"It's not a silver bullet, but it does take the pain down from a 7 to a 3"